I've never liked to do things traditionally.


Elope Instead was created for couples who march to their own beat. Cheers to you who want to kick off your life together defined by your own dreams.

In 2009, I built a bed in my Honda Element and lived on the road for a handful of years. Trading my house for the open road, I spent those years living in wild places, riding mountain bikes, backpacking and climbing. The more time I spent in these magical places, the more they became home. I came to know the ins and outs of what I consider to be the most beautiful secret spots. 


I come from a very traditional background and I've always moved against it. Sharing the places I've discovered while on my non-traditional path makes me happy. It makes me happy to spend time with a couple who are taking the path less travelled. On a Guided Elopement, I share a beautiful place with a rad couple who wants to celebrate their life together. You can help choose the spot, or I can connect all of the dots for you.  


Today, I live in an house (without wheels) in a small Colorado mountain town. A few times a year, I jump in my built-out van and meet up with couples who want to do something atypically adventurous. Something that is uniquely them. I love what I do — and I want you to love your I Do, too.


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