What will your day be like?

The short answer: it will be perfectly you. We will talk, plan and decide what will make you and your partner happy. I can help you choose a truly unique, truly you location or you can request to go somewhere wild that you know about. I can do all of the planning for you or you can drop a pin for me in the middle of the desert. Wherever it is, I will meet you there with my adventure van, equipped to capture every minute.


I shoot with several different tools, from high-end digital SLRs to large format film. I will chose the best tool depending on your desired outcome, the location, weather and light of the day. Sometimes I use a unique, soulful camera called the Holga. Yes, it's plastic. But its images are magic. Read below for an understanding of what Holga can do.

The Holga is a plastic film camera that creates psychedelic images. These images are one of a kind and can't be replicated. 


From a photographer’s standpoint, using a Holga is similar to joyriding on a dirt road. There's some risk involved, it’s magical and it’s always worth it. The gallery below is a collection of my favorite Holga images I've taken over the past twelve years. Some were taken on solo missions in the mountains and others were taken with couples who wanted to bring a little Holga magic back from their special day. Enjoy the gallery below.